New Retailer for Mama’s Country Market Products

MCM products can now be purchased at the Chilton Hospital Gift Shop!

Since 1956, Calumet Medical Center has been serving the communities of Calumet County and surrounding areas with specialty services in cardiology, OB/GYN and orthopaedics. The Calumet Medical Center Clinic and The Children’s Center daycare and preschool are also conveniently located on the Calumet Medical Center campus. The hospital’s mission is to provide local residents with quality, cost-effective patient care.

We are grateful to have the following products in their gift shop:

Mama's Country Market Gardener's Scrub Soap

Gardener’s Scrub Soap

This wonderful bar of soap is detergent free and made with Goats Milk, European Sea Salt, Poppy Seeds and has Tea Tree, Lemon and Lavender essential oils. It scrubs, exfoliates and moisturizes.

Fisherman’s Soap

This soap is great for the fisherman (or woman) in your life. It contains poppy seeds that act as a gentle scrubbing agent, while the lemon essential oil helps eliminate odor, and the aloe vera & olive oil soap moisturize.

Mama's Country Market Fisherman's Soap

Mama's Country Market Soothing Soap

Soothing Soap

This special soap is made for the most sensitive skin. With Buttermilk, Oatmeal, Calendula Flowers, real Honey and Lavender essential oil ~ this soap will moisturize, sooth and pamper delicate skin.

Foot Soak/Scrub

This foot scrub/soak is made from the same Solar evaporated and harvested salt as the salt scrub, Epsom salt, and essential oils. Great for sore tired feet, skin irritations, and smoothes dry cracked feet. *(Peppermint for use on feet only! Should not be used in a bath, on or near genitalia, or open wounds)

refreshing foot soak scrub


Man Scrub

This awesome scrub is a winner with mechanics, gardeners, and anyone that gets their hands really dirty. And no, you don’t have to be a man to use it. It is filled with pumice powder to scrub away grease and grim, and aloe vera gel to soften and moisturize.

Room & Linen Spray

These sprays can be used to scent a room, refresh some linens, or used as a perfume for you! Lavender is a great “after sun” spray as it heals and relieves sunburn. Remember to shake bottle before each use.


Mama's Country Market European Spa Salt Scrub

European Spa Salt Scrub

This Scrub is made from salt that is Solar evaporated and harvested from the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea, in a region that is free of pollution and has high evaporation rates. Thought to be the purest salts in the world. Full of minerals and can reduce inflammation. Then it is mixed with pure cold pressed sweet almond oil which is rich in vitamins E and D. High in antioxidants and anti­aging properties, it is an excellent emollient that provides a smooth and silky feel.

Bug Repellent Spray

This 8 oz bug spray not only smells good, but does its job! Tested by yours truly and family. I use only essential oils in it, so it is safe even for children and pets to use. Reapply as needed.